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The goal behind membership in Tor Ieldran is every voice is given an ear, every concern a forum, and every grievance given careful consideration. To that end, we are very careful who we let into our family. Each prospective member will be given equal chance and considerable time in which to judge their compatibility with current members. Prospective members will not be turned away solely on compatibility, but compatibility will play a big part in our decision. Prospective members will be voted on by the whole of the guild and careful thought will be given to any specific concerns about a prospective member. In the end, we expect all inducted members will be respected and acknowledged for the skills and abilities that they add to our family. We also expect that inducted members will treat their peers and officers with this same respect.


Below is the established procedure to become a prospective member of Tor Ieldran. Following this procedure will be your best and quickest way to joining our family.


1)      If you have not already contacted someone in our guild, join our boards and let us know in the “Request Access” forum your intention to join Tor Ieldran.

2)      Once you have established contact with us, you will be assigned to a mentor.
A mentor is described as the following:

a.       A mentor is simply one member of the guild who has decided they will keep track of you and answer any questions you have.

b.      Your mentor is responsible for getting your face (no literally of course) in front of other Tor Ieldran members. This is to ensure each and every one of us has had a chance to meet and possibly group with you.

c.       Your mentor is not responsible for issuing you anything in excess. This means you will not receive loads of game currency or be fully equipped by your mentor. You mentor will however ensure that you have enough to keep you on your feet should you need it. Your mentor will use his or her own discretion when acting on this matter.

d.      Your mentor will not take the blame for any irresponsible actions you may make. However your mentor will be responsible for ensuring you are aware of them and how they may be interpreted by other guild members.

3)      While you are a prospective member you will make every effort to group with established guild members. You will also be asked to do your best to attend any guild events that may come up.

4)      Prospective members will check the guild boards often and at least once a week if not once a day.

5)      When one month has transpired since your prospective status was given, you may request your mentor put forth the vote for your induction. Your mentor will not do this until you request it. Only you (under the counsel of your mentor) will determine when you wish this vote to occur. If the vote sides against allowing membership, you will be informed by your mentor and respectfully thanked for your application. Should the vote be in favor of membership, you will be granted immediate access to all member benefits and titles.